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About LAIX

LAIX Inc. ("LAIX" or the "Company") is an artificial intelligence (AI) company in China that creates and delivers products and services to popularize English learning. Its proprietary AI teacher utilizes cutting-edge deep learning and adaptive learning technologies, big data, well-established education pedagogies, and the mobile internet. LAIX provides a variety of courses inspired by a broad range of topics and cultural themes to make English learning more interesting and is committed to offering a fun, interactive learning environment to motivate and engage its users.

LingoChampTM (DBA Liulishuo), the sub-brand of LAIX, leverages AI technology to provide a personalized, accessible and effective learning experience for learners globally. Powered by deep learning and adaptive learning technologies, the AI English teacher provides individualized learning content and plans for users, using visual logic to improve their language skills and help them leap the language barrier.

On September 27, 2018, as the forerunner of the "Education 3.0" model, LAIX was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange and was hailed as "The First Stock of AI + Education" by media. Prior to the public listing, LAIX had closed multiple rounds of financing, led by investors including GGV Capital, IDG Capital, Trustbridge Partners, CMC Capital Partners, Cherubic Ventures, Wu Capital and Hearst Ventures.

Our Team

Yi Wang
Founder / CEO
  • Former product manager at Google (HQ). In charge of Google Analytics and cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Former product director of AdChina.
  • PhD in Computer Science, Princeton University.
  • ME and BE in Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University.
  • One of Shanghai’s “Top 10 Young Leaders in IT”.
Zheren Hu
Co-founder/ CTO/ Head of Adult English
  • Former senior software engineer at a big data AdTech company Quantcast.
  • Responsible for development of several core products, ranging from large scale web services to data pipeline architecture.
  • MS in MIS from University of Arizona.
  • BE in Computer Science (ACM Class) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Hui Lin
Co-Founder/ Chief Scientist
  • Former research scientist at Google. Areas of research include speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, and big data mining.
  • Published over 30 papers in leading journals. Member of the China National Institute of Standardization.
  • PhD from University of Washington.
  • ME and BE in Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University.
Bin Yu
  • U.S. Certified Public Account (CPA), and member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).
  • Former CFO at Tudou, Star China Media, and InnoLight Technology, with years of auditing experiences at the Big Four accounting firms.
  • Successfully executed numbers of IPOs at U.S./A-share stock market, and M&A deals overseas.
  • Independent Director and Chairman of the Auditing Committee of multiple U.S./HK companies.

Life Experience in LingoChamp

Check out this video to see what Princeton students' work schedule might look like at LingoChamp.