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* Conducted by CRELLA, University of Bedfordshire and British Council

Trusted by Clients
LingoChamp program has been implemented successfully in schools and companies worldwide.
Karla Bruno
Customer Service & Sales Executive
LingoChamp is a perfect solution for companies that needs to improve employees' English proficiency. It is convenient, easy to use, and effective.
T-Box, El Salvador
José Francisco Salazar García
General Manager
We implemented LingoChamp program in our high school to help students improve their English speaking. At the end of the school term, we achieved over 4500 certificates. It was a big success!
CONALEP Michoacán, Mexico
Li Chen
Senior Product Manager
The app works to provide the ultimate English-learning experience for users.
Tencent-Class, China
Our Clients
Corporations from different industries use LingoChamp to boost their international expansion.