AI Technology Makes It Easier for You to Study English

Our world-class AI teacher combines the five links of “teaching, learning, training, evaluation and testing” in the learning process to bring you a unique English learning experience.
You Can Study the Course Anytime Anywhere
  • Helps you make full use of spare time to improve English at anyplace.
  • Experiences the intelligent and warm learning reminder service so that you will no longer miss the opportunity to improve your English every day.
A Fully Customizable Learning Plan
  • Recommends a suitable English course based on your interests and level.
  • Depends on your level of English and scientific algorithms to tailor the course and enable you to improve quickly.
  • Adjusts the learning progress at any time to meet your customization needs.
  • Teaches you in accordance with your aptitude, adjusts your learning methods in a timely manner, and helps you improve your English quickly and efficiently through high-quality course content.

The World-class Cutting-edge Speech Recognition Engine

  • We have cutting-edge language recognition technology from Silicon Valley.
  • With a short 5 minute professional test, you can receive an authoritative pronunciation report.
  • There are also accurate oral score reports to help you quickly break through the limitations of speaking.
Free Courses
A Large Number of Free Speaking Courses at Different Levels
There are new course updates everyday.
Premium Courses

Study Premium Courses to Experiences More High-class Personalized English Lessons

  • Provides interesting and diverse questions waiting for your challenge.
  • Uses spare time to improve your speaking level, setting up a bridge between you and your English.
  • Provides a measurable learning performance dashboard that allows you to track your English learning easily.
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